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Wall art that loves you. ......... Hal Halli transforms photographs into painterly works of art. From landscapes to escapes his images will beautify your home.


Self-trained photographer, Hal Halli, was born in Toronto, Canada. He has had his heart in the arts since he was a child. Now in mid-life he has fused the experiences of his performance art, multi-media productions and many years of teaching to emerge as a rising star in the creation of contemporary wall art prints.

When it comes to creating wall art, Hal’s style is constantly evolving, It seems to renew each year. From landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes to florals, still life and woodlands, Hal’s art is rarely the same, yet its personality is always recognizable. He loves to embrace the contemporary edge, yet he enjoys a nostalgic journey to still life vintage with its Old Masters lighting.

“Urban or pastoral, I love it all, but I must say I like to think of my work as a metaphor for living with nature. I will take a photograph of a flower or a tree. Then by manipulating the colors to find unity in a single palette, or perhaps by removing colors, a greater sense of peace and comfort can come to the work. So it is kind of like finding a way to harness nature, but to remain in harmony with it. A give and take thing. That’s a challenge of our times and I like to incorporate that philosophy into my work.”

He begins with a single photograph then by layering, texturing and toning he crafts the image with his unique approach to fine art photography. He has a very special way of fusing his compositions with trending color palettes. His collection is full of bright uplifting wall art for living spaces and business interiors. His soft and stylistic brand adds character without completely taking over a room.

Always striving for originality, a moment of beauty, a casual glance that can live forever, this is the work of Hal Halli.

“Beauty, inspiration, energy, love. It’s what we live for. I want to be part of that.”

website & blog: halhalli.com


Alone But Not Lonely by Hal Halli


Mighty Tree Revisited by Hal Halli


Bare Tree in Winter by Hal Halli


Tire From A Tree by Hal Halli


London Calling by Hal Halli


Last of the Green by Hal Halli


Blue Mind Treeness for Two by Hal Halli


Raindrops on an Autumn Leaf by Hal Halli


Rose Repose by Hal Halli


On a Very Rainy Day by Hal Halli


Lavender Autumn by Hal Halli


Winter's First Sprinkle by Hal Halli


Golden Grove by Hal Halli


Only The Gold by Hal Halli


Autumn Maple Leafs In Cyanotype by Hal Halli


Birching A Night Sky by Hal Halli


A Tree in Autumn by Hal Halli


Purple Horse by Hal Halli


Sepia Pinto Grazes by Hal Halli


Shores Along Pittenweem by Hal Halli


Cosmo in White Light by Hal Halli


Flowers...Vines...Shadows by Hal Halli


Day's End Sea Side by Hal Halli


Haystacks by Hal Halli


Sunflowers by Hal Halli


Rocks At Dyer's Bay by Hal Halli


Happy Oak Grove by Hal Halli


Shine On Daisies by Hal Halli


Pastel Robina Trees by Hal Halli


Happy Pastel Trees by Hal Halli


Soft Summer Focus by Hal Halli


Portside by Hal Halli


Rusty Starboard by Hal Halli


Old Bow by Hal Halli


Spring Blossoms by Hal Halli


Light in the Trees by Hal Halli


Sweet Peas in Crimson by Hal Halli


Flamingo Light by Hal Halli


Zebra Time by Hal Halli


Zebra Stripes by Hal Halli


Zebra Face by Hal Halli


Zebra Looks At You That Way by Hal Halli


Zebra Looks at You This Way by Hal Halli


Giraffe Profile by Hal Halli


Klimt's Alpaca by Hal Halli


Being Old Trees by Hal Halli


Metta Mantra by Hal Halli


Wonderful Day by Hal Halli